PR: Scientist Tim Ball to Appear on Chautauqua Books
Published March 12, 2017

Chautauqua Books interviews Canadian scientist Tim Ball, discussing his most recent book, Human Caused Global Warming: The Biggest Deception in History. Dr. Ball, a retired professor of climatology, is also the author of The Deliberate Destruction of Climate Science.

Dr. Ball examines the question of whether humans are causing 'global warming' or 'climate change'. We're not, he says. “Once you decide to use science for a political agenda, there's a big problem, especially if the scientific hypothesis is untested. If it fails when tested going forward, the only options are to admit it doesn't work – or make the evidence fit the story. The people who formulated the human caused global warming hypothesis chose the latter and the deception began.”

Of local relevance is the case of Governor Cuomo's deadline of 2030 to switch to so-called renewables for half of the State's energy. “This is supposed to cut CO2 emissions by 40%. It's a very expensive program to solve a non-problem,” observes co-host Roy Harvey. “Dr. Ball shows that CO2 does not drive climate change, is not a pollutant but is crucial for all life."

The one hour program will air on Access Channel 5 starting March 18 with the last airing on March 24 at 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM each day.

Access Channel 5 is available to cable viewers in the Chautauqua, Mayville, North Harmony, Portland, Sherman, and Westfield areas, and can be found on channel 5 with a cable converter or on 5.3 on digital televisions without a cable converter.

The program may also be viewed after the initial airing at the station's web site

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