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PR: Local Opposition to Industrial Wind Farms to Televise
Published April 02, 2017

123 wind turbines nearly 50 stories tall with blades the length of a football field are destined for rural Chautauqua County, the townships of Arkwright, Charlotte, Cherry Creek and Villenova. Channel 5 Public Access TV will air a video of home owners opposed to the projects, statements made to the Chautauqua Legislature Feb. 22 during the 'privilege of the floor' session. The video includes winter scenes of rural Chautauqua, of areas cited for wind turbine placement, and video of wind turbines in nearby Wyoming County.

Patti Greenstein, Preservation of Agricultural Land Serenity (PALS), quoted from the 2017 'State of Chautauqua County Plan' that calls for conserving its lakes, streams, forests....historic villages, working farms, scenic rural landscapes and sustainable use of its abundant water, soil, mineral, forest and energy reserves. “How are these goals going to work with 123 wind turbines so close to us? They cancel each other, they're counterproductive. We do not want to fight with our neighbors who are proponents, but we think they're not reading the fine print, and the fine print is, they are really going to destroy everything you're trying to promote with your 20/20 Plan for Chautauqua. The turbines aren't about making energy, it's about making money.”

Fred Bretl, Arkwright, told the lawmakers “...industrial wind projects should not be allowed to develop in any residential district, citing flicker, low frequency sound, infrasound” and the demonstrated fact that wind turbine projects have lowered the resale value of properties with subsequent higher taxes and greater property turnover.

Joni Riggle, a nurse, called attention to documented cases of adverse health due to the wind turbines, including sleep deprivation, tinnitus, headaches, memory deficits. Many people faced with the giant turbines, have had to abandon their “toxic homes.”

Mark Twichell, director of Preservation of Agricultural Land Serenity (PALS), asked legislators to look into the apparent “violations of the code of ethics of the municipality of Arkwright if any town officials are voting on wind related matters.” New York's Attorney General's office issued a list of 10 officials whose records of recusal should be made public.

Teresa Bretl, Arkwright, warned that legal complaints continue to mount when wind corporations locate turbines too close to homes, that the corporations only exist with public subsidy, and increase, not reduce, the cost of electricity.

The 45-minute video features also Legislators George Borrello and David Wilfong. “Those town officials need to be held accountable for those decisions. These things are not built without government subsidies,” Borrello said. “The only people really benefiting are these LLC's (limited liability corporations), these Wall Street conglomerates that are put together for the sole purpose of profiting off taxpayers. There is no real benefit.”

The program will air beginning April 8 with the last airing on April 14 at 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM each day.

Access Channel 5 is available to cable viewers in the Chautauqua, Mayville, North Harmony, Portland, Sherman, and Westfield areas, and can be found on channel 5 with a cable converter or on 5.3 on digital televisions without a cable converter.

The program may also be viewed after the initial airing at the station's web site